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Our replacement patio doors are a practical addition for patio areas that add value and beauty to your home while helping to increase the heating and cooling efficiency. The frames of our patio doors are made from uiPVC which forms a tight seal to help minimize air transfer for higher energy efficiency and they contain tempered glass on both panes. New sliding patio doors also add value to your home that can be as high as 60%% of the initial investment on average.

The sliding patio doors at Ultratech Windows Siding & Roofing LLC. are built for beauty, durability, and ease of motion. Sliding Patio doors aren’t only an entry/exit way into your backyard, but can help enhance the view into the yard or deck while creating a welcoming experience from outside. A new patio door will create a fresh, sleek look to your home for many years to come.

All Ultratech Windows Siding & Roofing LLC.  Patio Doors are made from durable uiPVC which won’t corrode, rot or warp over time. Tempered glass on both panes is standard. Strong and durable, our sliding patio doors glide easily over a stainless steel mono-rail track, and heavy duty zinc, adjustable tandem rollers provide a lifetime of effortless operation.

Everyone knows that ultraviolet (UV) radiation can be harmful to your skin, but it also can damage your house, but patio doors can help! As UV light makes its way into windows and glass doors, the sunlight exposure may harm home furniture, expensive fabrics and carpeting. The intense sunlight can fade the colors of your carpet and weaken the fabric on your furniture. Also, the sunshine will increase the warmth of your home, which you'll notice can cause your power bills to soar. What you are left with is faded carpets, worn-out furniture and high energy bills. Putting in superior patio doors is akin to using sunscreen, protecting your home from harmful light while reducing the solar heat gain in your house.

Patio Doors Niles, MI

Sliding Patio Door Features:

  • 2-lite, 3-lite, and 4-lite patio doors available
  • Standard and custom sizes
  • Welded sash & frame
  • Heavy-duty extruded aluminum screen
  • Fiberglass reinforced
  • Tempered glass inside & out
  • Key & foot locks available

For more information on having patio doors installed, then call Ultratech Windows Siding & Roofing LLC. today for an appointment. We offer everything from french patio doors to sliding patio doors.

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